Super Bowl Time

Negative temperatures, impromptu snow flurries, and ice paved streets are all here to welcome football fans from all over.  We are very lucky to be hosting the 52nd Super Bowl here in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Downtown Minneapolis has been a buzz for the last week with all the activities Minnesota has to offer.  I was able to take a day after work to go downtown to visit and partake in the festivities.  The Dayton Experience was our first stop, which took place in the basement of the now closed down Dayton department store.  There was a huge exhibit full of Prince memorabilia, which was amazing to see since he was a Minnesota icon.  Along with a large amount of Tempurpedic mattress demonstrations, I was excited to find out that we were filming the kitten bowl here in Minnesota!  There were a ton of cute kittens running around and playing on a small model of a football field.  At the end of the exhibit, there were more kittens up for adoption that you could pet and a dabbing kitten statue you could take a picture with.  A few food vendors and photo stops competed the exhibit, then outside was where the party started.

Right outside the Dayton experience, there were plenty of food trucks and food “experiences.”  The main one I went in was the Tostitos chip fiesta truck, where you could try some of their new flavor of chip, play lawn games, and listen to the DJ (this was all inside of course).  Continuing down the strip there were many ice sculptures displaying the Superbowl logo along with other sports symbols, like a football player or a football.  The live demonstrations of ice carving on the strip all night were incredible to stop and watch.  On top of ice sculpting, there was also the American Birkebeiner International Bridge, which was a snow hill people could ski and tube on during the event.  My favorite thing  I got to do was the VR (virtual reality) experience.  I was able to put on a virtual reality headset and throw footballs at targets competing against other players.  During this time, the Philadelphia channel 3 news came into the building and filmed us playing in VR.  Soon after the crowds started to get larger due to the Prince tribute concert that night so I decided to head out of there before it got too crazy.  

A couple nights later I had the chance to check out what Mall of America had to offer in regards to the Super Bowl.  By this time, all the radio stations had finished their broadcasting events so one of the rotundas was empty except for a few lingering media hosts.  Many celebrities and football stars had visited during the week and I had the chance of seeing a Cardinals player at the Nike store.  David Johnson was visiting and I think I got on his Snap Chat story!  Other than that there were a few vendors open with “Superbowl” activities, more or less just trying to sell their products.  Many local artists were put on display too, showing off what they believe represents the heart of Minnesota.  The art was displayed all throughout the mall and it was beautiful. 

Finally, the night of the Superbowl was upon us and it brought with it the coldest recorded Superbowl in the history of the NFL.  Leave it to Minnesota for bringing freezing temperatures to the biggest football game of the season!  Either way, the game was entertaining to watch and the commercials were hilarious.  Big shout out to the pride of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota Marching Band, for marching alongside Justin Timberlake in the Superbowl halftime show.  I am proud of Minnesota for being such great hosts for the 52nd Superbowl and I cannot wait for the winter Olympics to start this week!   

Until our next adventure,


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