Weekend at the Cabin

Growing up in the land of 10,000 lakes has given me plenty of opportunities to spend time out on the water.  This past weekend was no different with going out to a friend’s cabin up north in Duluth.  A weekend of rest and relaxation at the lake was much-needed.

Duluth is about a 2 hour drive north of the Twin Cities, and after I finished work I was on my way.  I will warn you, unless you leave the Cities early in the afternoon, the rush hour is terrible and it will take you somewhere between 3 and 4 hours to arrive at your destination.  Once you get into Duluth, the drive is beautiful and there are so many different sights to see.  We, however, were staying at a cabin about 20 minutes outside of Duluth.  Let me tell you, this cabin was beautiful and there was a plethora of things to do once we got there.  The fresh smell of pine forests and marshmallows roasting on a fire are intoxicating, making for an amazing night under the stars.  Also, if you get the chance to, go up north and see the stars, getting away from the city lights is totally worth it!

The following day was when the real fun began.  We started the morning off with a hearty breakfast of eggs, toast, and doughnuts, then straight to all the “toys.”  The first thing I had to try out was the ATV, and for those of you who don’t know, they are powerful all-terrain vehicles which perform best when off-road.  Running around in the woods by their cabin was a blast, and we definitely all came back full of mud!  Then to rinse off we jumped right into the lake for some time on the boat and jet skis.  Before this weekend, I have never been on a jet ski.  It was terrifying and let’s just say, unless you have good balance, keeping the jet ski going straight is very difficult.  We were also taken out tubing behind a speed boat which was a challenge, especially trying not to fall off at high speeds! Finally they took us to a “secret” rope swing which we boated out to after lunch.  Let’s just say it did not seem scary until you were at the top of it ready to jump.  My first couple jumps left me with some injuries, including a chipped tooth, and my last few jumps were a lot of fun.  I also have never been on a rope swing at this point either but I would totally recommend it!

After many more hours on the lake, we decided to come in to play a corn hole tournament.  Corn hole is a fun little game where you throw bean bags onto boards and try to score points.  The boards each have one hole on the top and that is the high scoring place to hit during a game.  During the first tournament my partner and I were able to win and become champions!  Then the rest of them played another tournament to see who would play us in the grand champion game.  Unfortunately, we lost the grand champion game but it was still a good time with friends!

Later that night we all sat by the fire again playing games and singing songs.  This past Saturday in Minnesota, we were going to be hitting a pretty big meteor shower .  Turns out we were able to see a lot more than just meteor showers that night because we could also see the milky way!  The dancing stars that night, along with the beautiful iridescent glow of the milky way made for an incredible ending to the day.

Sunday was an adventure all in itself!  Instead of staying a whole day at the lake, we decided to go do some exploration at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park.  When we arrived, we decided to buy a state park pass instead of buying just admission to the lighthouse, this way we could explore more of the park itself.  We first found ourselves on Pebble Beach which was beautiful, with dark grey and black rocks lining the beach.  The coastline was never-ending and you could see for miles across Lake Superior.  I also attempted to skip rocks on the beach but to very little success.  We then ventured closer to the lighthouse on the same beach to get a better vantage point.  The lighthouse, from below, was absolutely stunning!  The cliff and nothing but Lake Superior surrounding it made for some beautiful pictures.   

Overall, it was an amazing weekend up north and very relaxing, minus the bumps and bruises I have sustained since Sunday.  Getting out into the wilderness is one of my favorite things to do.  Exploring new things with the people I love is a very rewarding experience and I am so excited to go out and do this all over again! 

Until our next adventure,


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